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      All – just to reiterate some points that have come up over the past few months. It seems that, rather unfortunately, Rainbow Quay is being targeted by thieves of various sorts.

      We have had multiple instances of identify theft carried out (it seems) by removal of key items of post from mailboxes. Since the restrictor plates have been added to mailboxes this has diminished (and some residents have become aware of the issue and been able to stop it) but we now have instances of people breaking into entrance lobbies and buzzing random flats with stories to gain access. It appears that post is now being taken by this manner from the inside. Bikes have been taken and multiple deliveries have been stolen and we have even had signed-for parcels taken with thieves (apparently) posing as residents. As noted elsewhere we have also had at least one instance of an attempted access during the night with a ladder.

      It is unfortunate and I appreciate that this has unnerved some residents (myself included). Please remain vigilant, close windows at night, do not buzz anybody into the building that you do not know (they tend to buzz higher floors as it's further to walk down to check), do not allow cars or individuals to tailgate into the garage (unless you know them), empty your mailbox regularly and check your credit file (Experian and the others offer a statutory report for £1 and so you do not need to sign up for their 'premium' offerings on a monthly basis). Register with CIFAS if you prefer which puts a market on your credit file so that additional identity checks are carried out including you setting a password that is required for any credit to be taken out.

      Anything suspicious then please take extra care and if you see something taking place then call the police (non emergency hopefully on 101) to report.

      With the ongoing incidents we have faced I hope that the police will start to act with a more visible presence at the very least.

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      Update today on local post issues. One of the people in King Frederick Tower received a visit from the police this weekend.

      It turns out the police had stopped a van for having no insurance and the guy inside had a Royal Mail uniform and a whole load of post from KFT and surrounding developments. He had been accessing letter boxes using a coat hanger. The guy who was visited had had an attempt made to take out a loan using his details.

      Hopefully our new letterboxes are more secure, but please try to empty them regularly and just keep an eye out for anybody that is acting suspiciously.

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