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      As you may know, Sky+ requires two feeds and the majority of flats have only one. Sky HD also is best with two feeds.
      However it is generally possible for two feeds to be provided along one cable by means of a 'stacker'. All this requires is that there has to be a spare socket in the header cupboard in the ground floor of each staircase. Where we have investigated, we have found there to be four spare sockets, which means that 40% of the flats ought to be able to receive Sky+. At present we estimate that not more than ten percent would subscribe to it if they knew it was available, so this would seem to be adequate.

      A stacker will cost any owner in the region of £150 and can be fitted by Alan Kaye (07810480126) who is a freelance engineer familiar with our system. If you should find that there is no spare socket available, it could be necessary to pay also for a feed to be taken from the main splitter.

      A full report will be brought to the AGM on 27th November.

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      Another alternative is to have the second feed in the flat (where you have one – I think mostly in 2+ bed flats – for instance, one in the lounge and one in the master bedroom) is to have the second (bedroom) feed extended to the lounge.

      The Sky+ engineer that came to install mine a few years ago happily did this for me at no additional charge. Although … I might have just been lucky ! This does mean that you cannot use the feed in the bedroom though (for multibox etc).

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      Hi James,

      How did you run the cable from the bedroom to the living room? Did you run a cable all the way along the skirting boards?

      I have Sky+ which is unfortunately very limited at the moment.

      Cheers, Damo.

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