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      Hi All

      I was just wondering if anybody else using the Sky feed for HD is having problems viewing this Channel 4 HD.

      It seems to work fine during the day but reception progressively gets worse between 8PM and 9PM and then the signal is lost altogether.

      I've checked the signal strength and quality and these seem to be between 50% and 75% so doesn't appear to be the same issue as last year were it was barely 25%

      I've not noticed this problem affecting any other channels but it may be.



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      Morning Paul,

      I too have noticed signal issues on Ch4HD, although via Freesat.  I have done some research on the net and it appears that the feed has switched from the Astra satellite to the Eurobird.  The footprints are slightly different and thus the weaker of the two is affected by environmental factors more.  I will get an email off to our Sat. engineer this weekend and see if there is a solution for this.

      All the best


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