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      On Saturday 13th September, two lots of engineers attanded in the morning to sort out the satellite system in the West block. The reason for the delay in their attending was that the email of Ward Aerials was out of action on Wednesday and when Woods found out, they called another engineer just to make sure.
      Anyway, the verdict was that one of the amplifier/splitters which serves all the blocks had expired and had to be replaced. Unfortunately this will probably not be available until Wednesday17th. So the system will have been out of action for seven days.
      The system originally installed is apparently at the limit of its capacity and therefore a touch vulnerable. Your directors and representatives will be considering whether any upgrading should be done and will report to the AGM in November.
      I have made a separate posting about the availability of sky plus

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      Update on September 19th.
      Ward Aerials and Alan Kaye, the engineer attended last Saturday but could not fix it without a new part, which was obtained and fixed on Tuesday. Alan Kaye then found another fault in one of the line feeds. Finding this fault in the cable involves getting up on to the roof to look at the aerial dish. The earliest he has been able to obtain a cherry picker to get up there is Sunday 21st. in the morning. Meanwhile I am afraid that you will not be able to get all the channels.
      We apologise for the interruption to your service.
      Chris Todhunter

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