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      Hi All,

      My bike had it's locks cut and was stolen from the bike stands in the West block garage last night ( Wed 6th May), sometime between 19:00 and 07:30 this morning. It was locked in stands at the farthest corner from the entrance gate, on the Rope street side.

      If anyone saw anyone or anything suspicious, I appreciate it if you could let me know.  They must have come in and out the main gates behind vehicles.

      The bike was a green hybrid road bike with 'Pinnacle' in large letters on it and a pannier rack.

      Many thanks,

      Flat 3
      3 Rainbow Quay

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      Hello Oliver,

      Sorry to read your bike was stolen. Did you call the Police ? It is very important that you tell them.  I write to you because we have had several burglaries in the Eastern garage, I wonder if we have a security system in our garages ? as our complaints never got any answer from the Management.
      I am convinced that the thief is at Rainbow Residence.

      Flat 6
      7 Rainbow Quay

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      I suspect your bike was stolen this morning around 5am, as I met some suspicous looking men hanging around the garden gate.
      I'd seen number of cabinets had been opened when I came down to get my bike.
      One of the doors from the garage to the garden was propped open with a plastic bottle and the garden gate open and unlocked.
      As I was locking up and checking the other doors 2 men appeared from the direction of the Wibbley Wobbley.
      When they saw me they abruptly turned back but continued to loiter around the Wibbley Wobbley, so I called the police.
      They arrived 15 minutes later by which time the 2 men had left.
      There was a man parked in a van on Rope street who said he saw 2 men matching their description move what he said was a moped across the top of south dock in the direction of Deptford.
      The police officer who arrived provided a Crime/Incident Number which is 9941-07May15
      The PC's name was PC Boniface.

      Please feel free to email me via the forum if you'd like to discuss.


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      I had my bike stolen too. I've raised it with the Police, but apparently the CCTV wasn't working so they haven't got anything to go off. Has anyone else raised it to the Police? Looks like a lot of bikes were stolen.

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      I am very surprised thieves are operating in a gated surveillanced garage on locked bikes.

      Are the stolen bikes security marked? You can get them marked by the Met for free

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