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      All – please be aware that post (mostly financially related) has been stolen from various flats in the Rainbow Quay development.

      Opened post was found in a stairwell to Princes Court underground car park by one of the residents and returned to myself. It was all addressed to RQ residents and was generally related to bank/pension/investments. I will be attempting to return it to the correct people as soon as the police allow (they want to come and see the post first which should be in the next day or so).

      I have reported this to the police/Royal Mail although there is little they can do at this stage. Should you have concerns yourself or be aware of similar issues then they have advised that individuals should report instances themselves (using the Police 101 non-urgent number).

      UPDATE: Police visited me last night and advised me to drop post back to people. I re-enveloped them and dropped back to letter boxes or inside entry lobbies if there was no answer at the bell. They advise everyone to remain vigilent and to empty their mail boxes as regularly as possible.

      The reference number from my report is CHS4546/1st May 2015.

      Some useful information can be found at:

      Identity theft Royal Mail:

      Action Fraud:

      Checking your credit file:

      Please remain vigilant and collect your post as regularly as possible.

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      More post was taken this morning from another block and found (opened) in the RQ flowerbeds – a resident returned it to the rightful owner. It seems to be an issue that is prevalent at the moment and so please empty letter boxes as regularly as possible and keep your eye out for any suspicious activity and/or names you do not know on post you receive at your own address.

      We are currently looking at the possibility of making post in post boxes more secure.

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      It would appear that post is continuing to be removed from the post boxes of Rainbow Quay and other local developments and being dumped after being sifted through. Please ensure that you chase up any important documents or items that you are expecting but have not received yet.

      The Directors are working with the original box manufacturers to try and reduce the ability to get into our development boxes – but as the police that attended site previously said – there is little we can do as moving them internally would require standard FB keys or codes to be placed on the external doors which would both reduce the security of ground floor flats and also allow any thief a quieter place to do their breaking into internal boxes …

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      All – Just to advise that today I received a PIN number for a card I don't have. It seems somebody has applied for an Amex with all of my details which was approved and sent out. They had my mothers maiden name incorrect but it was approved anyway – even though I have another card with them … it has been cancelled now without any spending being made but it seems that the stolen post issue is a very real issue and I would recommend everybody checks their credit files for activity that is not theirs.

      The reference agencies have to provide a £2 report to you (for Experian the link is here http://www.experian.co.uk/consumer/statutory-report.html?sc=701789 and they are normally a little hard to find the link to as they want to sell you their expensive alternatives).

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