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      It seems the Sky service is down in the West Block. I checked the power and it looks to me like a piece of equipment may be missing. The engineer was on site Friday so I am at a loss what he has done.

      I will chase this up Monday.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.


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      Yes, I can confirm. What a pain. Oddly, It was working partially this morning (watch but not watch and record), so I reset my box and now it won’t work at all. So don’t reset your boxes until the issue is resolved!

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      I reset my box earlier when I rebooted my wifi (turned the plug off at the same time) and all channels have now gone too! Fingers crossed the engineer will sort it out today.

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      Any update please?

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      It is with the Agent. I have asked them to arrange an Engineer visit and for them to ring me when on site. They have not provided me with a timeline for when the visit will be.

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      Thanks Simon, hopefully the agent and engineering team will give this some priority as very inconvenient and completely there screw up. Please keep us informed and I’m happy to do any chasing if needed

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      Honestly the response has been baffling. I got a ‘it was fine when we left’ to a ‘no signal is coming from the roof’. Hence why I want to speak to them when they attend this time. Can’t hurt if you want to give Habitare a ring tomorrow to see what the timeline is.

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      Hello All, this is the 4th day we have been without a satellite signal/Sky. I don’t think this has ever happened before during the 19 years I have lived at Rainbow Quay. The situation is made even more difficult due to the lockdown. Does anybody have any news on whether an engineer has visited/will visit? Thank you very much.

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      Sandy – We had those periods in 2014, 15 and 16 when freezing weather overnight would cut off the signal to some flats during the night and then for a day or so until it thawed out again. It was like clockwork and a good predictor of the weather at the time!

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      It has happened a number times in the 16 years I have lived here. Things break and people cannot always fix them on the same day. The agent has not given any update other than they have requested a further engineer visit. Why not give them a call to chase it yourself?

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      Apparently it’s a broken LNB for which they need roof access via either a cherry picker or a close by balcony. I believe they have a willing tenant and are now trying to schedule time with them and an engineer. Fingers crossed it’s today!

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      Engineer has called and they will be on site tomorrow.

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      Engineers are on site and working on the equipment.

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      The service should be back to normal now.

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      The engineers have just left. I have rebooted my Sky box and all of the channels are now working. Thank you so much to Simon for the annoyingly hard work in organising it with Habitare.

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      We are now back up and running. Thank you, all involved.

      10, 2 RQ

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      Many thanks for organising this all Simon – I have rebooted my Sky box and now have all channels working correctly. I posted a message about an hour ago but it vanished so here it is again!

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      This was fixed yesterday but now I’m getting some intermittent signal loss, just me?

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      Test message

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