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    I had a chat with Cliff directly about this but for the benefit of others with a similar concern I will repeat here. As the garage door runs on bottom mounted rollers we cannot add anything to the underside of the door to close the gap. We also cannot modify the door due to the safety edges.

    There is a solution but it would require building up the floor to be closer to the garage door. I think this would resolve it, but it is not a cheap option as there would be a number of design considerations to factor in. It would probably be easier if the slope down to the garage was less steep.

    Thus it will remain an annoying nuisance 🙁

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    Forum access had broken so I was unable to update this thread.

    We had an issue with finding extra services that had not been picked up by radar scan so the project was knocked back by 2 weeks.

    I think most of the noise of the works is behind us now.

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    The service should be back to normal now.

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    Engineers are on site and working on the equipment.

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    Engineer has called and they will be on site tomorrow.

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    It has happened a number times in the 16 years I have lived here. Things break and people cannot always fix them on the same day. The agent has not given any update other than they have requested a further engineer visit. Why not give them a call to chase it yourself?

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    Honestly the response has been baffling. I got a ‘it was fine when we left’ to a ‘no signal is coming from the roof’. Hence why I want to speak to them when they attend this time. Can’t hurt if you want to give Habitare a ring tomorrow to see what the timeline is.

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    It is with the Agent. I have asked them to arrange an Engineer visit and for them to ring me when on site. They have not provided me with a timeline for when the visit will be.

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    Hi James, you could ask Fred who looks after the communal glazing for us. You can email him on

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    Hi Cliff,

    All the locks in both blocks were similarly affected. Agent has been instructed to replace them as they have been left with sharp cuts on them. I think it was over the xmas period that somebody had a crack at them.

    in reply to: Can anybody recommend an interior painter please #2579

    Hi Cliff, I have been using Neil to do the paint refresh about the development. He is local and is doing a good job. His website is


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