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SF, sorry I have to disagree with you there.

Last Thursday,  (Oct 8th) the communal drain to Block 5 which is directly underneath our  ground floor lounge window overflowed. There was a very large puddle which smelt. This was a health hazard.

Rather than follow your example, and ring our landlord, I rang Woods direct at 11am that morning, and spoke to Ruan who despite me not being the leaseholder, recognised the seriousness of the problem, and within 2 hours had sent round their repairmen to fix the problem, and a very good job they did too. Not only that, but the repairmen returned on Saturday! to give the same drain a flushing.

I do of course recognise the difference between ringing my landlord to get a problem fixed which is of an internal nature to my flat, and ringing the appropriate authorities direct to fix an emergency such as a fire or a health hazard.