Living Here

General conditions of tenancy at Rainbow Quay


  • The garage may only be used for vehicles with a current road licence
  • Emptying or filling petrol is not permitted in the garage because of the fire risk
  • When entering and leaving the garage please remember to check the doors have closed behind you


  • Please be aware of trip hazards in the garden
  • Please do not play music or musical instruments in the garden
  • Groups larger than 6 in the garden involving non residents require permission from the management company directors.
  • Please¬†enjoy the garden, however be mindful that the majority of bedrooms back onto this area. Because of this, the garden is open until 10:00pm Sunday through Thursday and 10:30pm Friday and Saturday.


  • Pets are not permitted
  • Satellite dishes may not be fixed to the building. The internal system has been upgraded to meet all the main analogue and digital needs.
  • Washing may not be hung out on or over balconies or terraces
  • You are not permitted to rent out a single room or offer AirBnB services
  • Please do not store items in lobby cupboards or bicycles in stairwells
  • Please do not operate washing machines after 11pm or before 7am
  • Smoking on terraces or balconies or BBQ on balconies is not allowed
  • Making intentional noise that can be heard outside the property between 11pm and 7am is not allowed
  • When coming and going from the flats please make sure to shut all the main doors behind you for safety. The garden gates should stay padlocked and doors to the garage remain closed.

A full list of conditions may be found in the first schedule of your lease. Thank you