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I have come to the conclusion that the fibre project for Rainbow Quay is an exercise in the blind leading the blind.  Apparently Hyperoptic now run their business without the constraints of delivery dates.  This is far too burdensome.  It is now an open ended week by week, nearly finished, but not quite there update.  This is the latest excrement that has fallen in our direction:

This week’s report for Rainbow Quay is that Openreach have requested to come onto site next week. The cabling from the exchange is almost done, and next week the work begins to bring the fibre into the building. When the date has been confirmed with your building management I’ll let you know. 

The earliest I will have a date for service delivery is when our engineers start our soak testing. Our engineers are on standby to start when the fibre has been delivered and will do all they can to deliver as quickly as possible.

I’ll report progress as we get it.