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My warm thanks again to Simon for his tireless efforts in fronting this project and for helping us all (or rather, all subscribers) into the 21st century on internet connection speed! 🙂

Both on the speedtest recommended by Hyperoptic (http://speedtest.hyperoptic.com) and others, we are consistently getting just around the 20Mbps we have initially signed up for.

This is roughly ten times better than we have ever achieved – my only observation is that it does not seem quite ten times faster than before, but I suspect it does not work like that.

Part of the explanation might be that our upload speed is also just around the 1Mbps advertised for our package, as only the 100Mbps and 1Gb Hyperoptic packages are 'symmetrical'.

We connected our PC through a wireless USB adapter (http://www.netgear.co.uk/home/products/networking/wifi-adapters/a6210.aspx) which worked straight out of the box for us.

All speedtests were carried out wirelessly on our PC and at a fair distance to the Hyperoptic router which now adorns our hall.