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Sorry not to answer this earlier. I don't look at the forum all that often.
Would you be able to understand that the hedge/tree arrangement along the walls needs to have some uniformity?
We have the Amelanchier (small trees) in the front. Behind that a hedge of Pyracantha (orange and red berries, stiff and thorny) and behind that still are the creepers which have covered the trellisses and provided any degree of privacy you like. The Amelanchier has been thinned out to allow someĀ  light though and underneath, the Pyracantha trimmed to form a hedge and the creeper is cut back only where it is becoming a nuisance.
I would suggest that you erect trellis on your balcony to carry the creeper, and I am sorry we did knock on your door last weekend to explain and discuss but you were not there before we cut the top of the hedge to align with the rest. Hedges need to be trimmed to lines, but we had allowed the bit in front of you to get away. Will try to communicate better in future.
Chris T