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I have had problems with most, if not all, BBC channels on Sky – other channels seem to be fine, incl Ch 5 and most +1 channels (at least those I watch!)

As previously mentioned in a post of mine, i noticed the degradation of these channels when there was a heavy gale wind a few months back. But its now reduced to “nothing” for the BBC channels (BBC1,2,3 and any BBC +1s). It doesnt seem to happen in Southwark (SE1) where my friends live, but they may well use a different feed altogether…

Does anyone have the same problem? I have been meaning to call Sky – but have never gone round to doing so, and if there is a real need to watch BBC 1 or 2, ill just switch to terrestrial…….



I've noticed a reduction in sky reception.  For some reason its bbc1, bbc2, some of the +1 channels and i cant get ch5.  However the non sky feed (ie freeview) is no problem.  I first noticed the problem after a power cut where most of se london was affected, a few months ago.  Is it just my box or does the dish need inspecting?

Also looking for the answer to the Sky+ question.

Thanks,  Tim