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We have got a date for the next management meeting, that being Wednesday May 5th.  Provisionally at the Chairs flat.  I will remind him about the planning app. and see if this is on the agenda and if he wants to open the invite to those wishing to express a view.

On your other points.  I am all for openness and transparency.  However I am sure you can see from the posts on the forum that I am pretty much the only board member who participates on here.  I keep the website updated and have been responsible for the new format water billing so that its clearer for all.  Posting minutes is a good idea but often we discuss aged debtors and it would be inappropriate for this to be posted on the net.  I really don't have the motivation to edit the minutes for the forum. If the items are in a format that is easily ported with no editing then I shall try to get them up in the relevant section.

We can always do with more help on the board so I would suggest that if your interest extends that far, you should consider joining. 

Also it would be useful to know what FOC rooms are available for future reference, so please do share that with us.

All the best