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Hi Paul,

This accords with what a Sky engineer informed us yesterday after rigorous technical analysis and trying a replacement box, reinstalling our wall plate, and also ruling out faulty cabling from the wall plate to our equipment.

The Sky engineer also demonstrated to us how the interference on at least one channel (the one the Sky box happened to be on at the time) seemed to coincide and to be in perfect sync with light gusts of wind outside…!

I understand that satellite dishes, LNBs, and the relevant cabling require servicing and/or replacement at least every five years but that our communal equipment on the roof is not easily accessible where is it currently positioned.

Upwards of a hundred channels are affected in our case, which is of course wholly unacceptable!

Reporting the issue in here ought to be a good place to start.

Please remind me: Are you in the East or West Block?

Kind regards