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I attach a Word document showing our affected Sky channels (70 in total).

To help diagnose the problem, we have been through all available channels ('warts and all'…) two or three times in order to compile this list.

I can see that there are notable overlaps with Paul's list below, although we do not have the HD Bundle, and we are on a single feed installation.

The biggest annoyance is the periodic loss of signal or pixilation on the movie channels 301 to 320 and, like Paul, we are without the CBS channels.

Many of the other channels listed have been included solely (take my word for it) in the interest of identifying the affected polarity and/or frequency band.

We have not checked Sky Box Office, but I still recall paying for a premium sports event some time ago only to find the channel unwatchable due to pixilation…!

I hope this helps.  Other users are more than welcome to use the attached document as a template for their own reporting.

Thank you.