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All – it seems that (perhaps coincidentally) with the weather once again very cold as it was back in March, the Sky service has decided to throw a wobble. I'm having exactly the same issues that we had previously, namely:
1. failed recordings
2. repeated 'your sky box is initialising' when I turn the box on
3. that changes to 'your sky box isn't getting a satellite signal'

I'm in the West Block and this started yesterday sometime during the afternoon (I spotted it at 6pm when a recording failed). I tried the old tricks which I'm not thinking were just a smoke screen and not actually 'fixing' the issue.

1. Soft reset by turning off at wall for 20 seconds. Turn on.  Leave 4 minutes.  Hit the 'Sky' button on the remote.

2. Software update (turn off at all, hold down the 'back up' button on the box NOT the control and then turn back on at plug – keep holding the 'back up' button for about 20 seconds and the software update kicks in).

3. Planner rebuild (go to Services, hit '0' then '1' then 'enter', on the new menu go to Planner Rebuild).

Last night and this morning these are not having any impact (10pm last night and 6.30am this morning). I've started a quick log (attached – including outside temperature!) and if anybody is having the same issue maybe you could complete it and email it back to me over the next few days so that we may be able to get a picture of if it is consistent across flats and also if the temperature is an influence!  PM me for my email as I don't want to post where a scraper bot might get a hold of it.

As an aside, the sun started shining at 7.35am and the Sky box was back on at 8.30am … not sure if they're linked! I'm going to keep a log though encase it goes off again over the coming days.