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I spoke to the Managing Agent on Friday and they are now telling me there is a further delay on the gutter cleaning.  The excuse doesn't fit with prior emails so I am waiting on a more complete explanation.

I tried to get a maintenance contract with the company who installed the Q but they seem reluctant to quote due to the height work.

I have asked Rynew to look for another contractor to get to the roof.  The issue is that the satellite company's do not have the height equipment.  It requires hiring a 30m+ cherry picker and an operator along with the associated risk assessment and method statement documents to be processed.

I can understand that this is inconvenient to a vocal minority.  Please feel free to organise the repair yourselves.  Pass the contact details, date of visit and MAR documents of the contractors to Rynew and we will get it implemented.

Your complaints should be to the Managing Agent, Rynew.  As far as I was aware the guttering and dish were supposed to be attended too this week. 

The weather is out of my control, the colder it is the more degraded the service, no amount of huffing and puffing is going to change that.