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Vocal minority – how condescending! Are we not allowed to voice an opinion on a bad service that we pay for? Isn't that the point of this forum, information sharing?

Furthermore, I have registered this issue with the managing agent on several occasions and they refer everything to the board. Also, had I been given the opportunity to get this resolved myself when I first reported the issue, I would have happily done so and had the issue resolved by now. We knew more cold and wet weather was due!

That said, thank you for checking options, that's more in line with what I would expect to be done. Please follow up with the managing agent and post an update. This is their responsibility and if they are suggesting further delay, they should cover any additional costs to get this resolved in the timescales originally set (and 3 weeks after the issue was first reported). I hope there are penalties for their failures written into our (and any decent) contract.