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I suspect your bike was stolen this morning around 5am, as I met some suspicous looking men hanging around the garden gate.
I'd seen number of cabinets had been opened when I came down to get my bike.
One of the doors from the garage to the garden was propped open with a plastic bottle and the garden gate open and unlocked.
As I was locking up and checking the other doors 2 men appeared from the direction of the Wibbley Wobbley.
When they saw me they abruptly turned back but continued to loiter around the Wibbley Wobbley, so I called the police.
They arrived 15 minutes later by which time the 2 men had left.
There was a man parked in a van on Rope street who said he saw 2 men matching their description move what he said was a moped across the top of south dock in the direction of Deptford.
The police officer who arrived provided a Crime/Incident Number which is 9941-07May15
The PC's name was PC Boniface.

Please feel free to email me via the forum if you'd like to discuss.