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Anyone else having problems with digital reception for certain tv channels? We seem to have lost ITV, Channel 4 and others – wondering if it's a problem in our flat or wider. Thanks

Howdy everyone

Is there a problem with the Sky dish at the moment?  I've just lost Sky Sports 1 (NZ v France test) and Sky Sports 3.  I've checked through the main channels and have lost 105, 107 and 108 and some other minor channels.  As I'm picking up most channels Sky have said its not a problem with the box.  I think there is an upgrade going on – is that having an effect / is there work going on today?



There is still a problem, it would seem – we have not had any of the four ITV channels for several weeks now, with other channels affected as well, as in: either gone completely or of unwatchable quality. We have been trying to persuade ourselves it was all due to the upgrade work, but increasingly I am not so sure.

Is anyone else in the West block having similar problems, please?

10, 2 RQ