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      Just a quick question – I have always assumed we have CCTV in the underground car parks however having 3 bikes stolen in the past 3 years when I've contacted RMG on each occasion they have stated the CCTV was not working. The last theft was within a 10 day window and was informed the CCTV had no power in that period.

      So does anybody know whether or not we have CCTV and if it works?



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      Hi Paul,

      there was recently a power outage to the East block CCTV system.  This is the only time I recall there being a problem and to my knowledge it lasted 2 days at most.  At the moment we have an issue with the internet upload service that RMG are trying to resolve. However the system is still collecting data.  We have had several occurrences where break in activity has been recorded and images have been passed to the Police.  I believe this has been discussed in the security section of the forum.

      Obviously the CCTV does not cover the whole car-park.

      Hope that helps.

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      Cheer Si

      It just seemed strange that each time I've queried it the answer has always been it wasn't working. At least my insurance replaced the last bike stolen, which I wasn't expecting. I am assuming the CCTV is focused on the entry and exits an not necessarily the car park itself.

      One thing you might be able to help me with – whilst working in the car park on Saturday 7 cars or motorbikes came in and only one actually stopped and waited for the doors to shut before driving to their space. Is this something that residents could be made more aware of (not ignoring the large painted sign when they drive in)  as I am assuming that is how the thieves are getting in.



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      Hi Paul – yeah, I've noticed this as well, people just don't care enough to take 30 seconds to stop, either when leaving or entering. Doubt there's much we can do about it though.  🙁

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