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      Hello all residents of Rainbow Quays.
      There is a 'secret' fruit garden near to one of the substations. To get into it all you have to do is to leap up onto the low wall by the locust tree.
      Please feel free to pick fruit. At the time of writing (September) there are apples and golden raspberries which are delicious. At other times there will be redcurrants, blueberries, jostaberries (something between a blackcurrant and a gooseberry), rhubarb and pears. They are grown for all.
      If you wish to receive an email advising you that there is something ready to pick, then please email me and I will put you on a mailing list to send out notifications.
      Happy eating,
      Chris Todhunter

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      This week I have picked the quinces and if you are quick you can come and claim some. (11/96 Rope Street).
      Stew a quince with some Bramley apples. They add a wonderful aroma.
      Also the Tomato plants are finished. They are exceedingly good tomatoes and on your window sill some of the green ones will ripen. Otherwise you can make tomato chutney. Delicious.
      Chris T

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