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      Just a reminder to all residents that parking on the raised area to the north of the South Sea Street / Rope Street gate is not permitted (plus a bit of info on the entire road). We have been passed the following from Cllr Huber with an explanation from the Council's officer in charge of parking issues.

      “Council records show that this section of land in question is an area of raised footway which also provides access for emergency vehicles to and from Rope Street.  Some areas of the raised footway  are not council adopted highway and have been cordoned off with bollards to avoid the possibility of disputes, which could occur over land were a motorist to decide to park.  The whole of the raised area is meant to be car free and only used for access requirements.

      The carriageway in South Sea Street is designated by double parallel kerbstones; one at carriageway level and the other at footway level.  The footway along the main arm of South Sea Street is dropped in places to allow vehicles to drive over the footway to access garages and underground parking.  Vehicles should not be stopping and parking on the footway.  The raised footway area is for the sole purpose of emergency vehicle access and must be kept clear at all times.  There are no yellow lines designated in South Sea Street as parking against a dropped footway or parking with one or more wheels on the footway are both contraventions that can be enforced in the absence of yellow line waiting restrictions.

      The Council have already issued warning notices for two weeks in South Sea Street and will continue to issue warning notices for another two weeks to ensure that we are satisfied that local residents are aware of the status of the land in question.  Parking tickets (Penalty Charge Notices or PCNs) will be issued thereafter.  Nevertheless, in view of your concerns I have asked the Council’s line marking contractor to mark ‘keep clear’ at the entrance to the raised footway area to mirror the markings close to the barrier.  This will hopefully act as a further visual deterrent to motorists considering parking on the raised footway”.

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