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      All – just reposting the previous topic by SF on the Wibbley Wobbley and adding a little more information to it so that it's all together in one thread.

      I am sure some of our residents may have noticed how quiet it has been with the Wibbley Wobbley having been closed.

      Due to an error with the current licence the vessel is having to apply for a new licence.  The details can be found at the following link: http://app.southwark.gov.uk/Licensing/LicPremisesAppliedDetails.asp?systemkey=847597

      If you share my view that the peace and quiet should remain, then I would urge you to object to the granting of the licence.  Details of how to do this can be found here: http://www.southwark.gov.uk/info/200063/licences/856/how_to_object_to_a_licensing_application

      Note that in placing an objection it is important that you include the following information otherwise your objection may not be considered:
      1. The application number (847597) and perhaps also the applicant who is Elizabeth Ann Perry
      2. The basis on which you are writing your objection (a resident of the development that is immediately adjacent)
      3. Include your name and address

      Please feel free to add pertinent information that you may have/come across so that no objections are set aside due to a technical issue.

      I have written an objection myself which I would be happy to share with anybody who sends me a PM.

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      Although it is very quiet, and the old boat is not the best looking vessel…we are missing something…. F+D Drown

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      All – for those that are interested, the Council have just posted the agenda for the impending licensing sub-committee meeting being held on 18th May regarding the Wibbley Wobbley application.


      The appendices include the public responses of objection and support.

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      I see the licence application now includes this line.

      'The applicant has now withdrawn the live music element from the application.'

      Which I think was a big concern for many


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